Saturday, August 30, 2008

... Labor not on Labor Day...

... the summer slips away from us dressed in raindrops...and i am glad of it. We need the rain. We will be losing the leaves on the trees soon enough - without rain they are already giving up the ghost and beginning to fall..

there is a particular kind of sadness to the end of summer. Children mourn the end of free days and start of school. These days kids do so much through the summer that i don't know if they know what free days are. Parents mourn the opportunity for a bit of variety in their days... back to 7:30 wakeupcalls for school... if you are fortunate enough to not have to work outside the home in the summer (or anytime). There are cooler nights.. holidays start in october, and there goes the end of the year.

there is something so heart warming about the fall - the rain with yellow slickers crossing streets to and from the school door, football games and soccer games and band competitions... and all sort of beginnings... Joni Mitchell wrote a song years ago called Michael From Mountains (i am most familiar with the version by Judy Collins) that always reminds me of fall... and with all this waxing poetic, i still wish someone would wake me up when september ends.

I have been knitting on soldier socks (gee what a surprise). have i watched anything this week? Why, thank you for asking, yes. I decided it was time for a North and South reprise, so out popped the DVD and John and Margaret, at odds as ever, were there before me... Richard Armitage .. hmmm - October and Spooks/MI5 cannot come around fast enough for me. I am ready to watch him wrap his talents around a contemporary role. Frankly, I can't wait.

What else has there been? I've not yet tapped into State of Play. Maybe this week.

I am thinking perhaps it is time to plot out some christmas knitting - after all i get nothing done after November 15th in the knitting department - maybe now is the time.

a quote... oh this one you don't even need to guess at - "it is only a business matter, you would not be obliged to me in any way... "

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

where has it all gone?

It is simply not possible that this weekend is Labor Day weekend. The end of white shoe/ white bag wearing... starting leaves to turning crimsons and oranges and blasted browns. Schools back in session if that is what you or yours do... TV is about to start a new season (oh please save us from the same old garbage and bring on MI5). Theater is all abuzz with previews... okay...

I don't do Septembers well. Not now, and probably not ever. So today's song is Wake me Up when September ends - it's not 7 years. But 5 is enough to make you sad. 5? Two minutes is.. but i digress..

Knitting? i am working on my last pair of legs for sfs socks. i will be sending the rest off now but want to try to get these last legs finished up and sent as well. i think then i will finish my shawl. LMAO yes sure.

Pictures? here is one from my new camera...

I am doing my best to learn photoshop. i am a slow learner - good thing there is a big learning curve here.

quote of the day: "Pardon me, but you are sounding a little revolutionary."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday...

... so good to me... - not really but it's a song reference so whatever.... soldier socks are done! Yay! I started the last pair of "legs" and will try to have them off the needles pronto - but i think i might send off these three pair of completed ones, as i think three is enough to support a dye...LOL will take a pic of all of them together and then mail them off.

otherwise it was okay this weekend. saw A Tale of Two Cities in preview and i liked it alot. It is very les mizzy if you get my drift and a rather big production as they go. Sat in the first row mezz and it was a good choice as lots happens higher up. LOL... Had a lovely dinner with my friends at Cascina - yum for the dinner... yay for the friends..we opted for dessert at home - much more lingering over coffee or espresso that way.

The Olympics finally have a fork in them. I've enjoyed watching them, but it takes a lot of your evening/night away from you! Back to life...

music? no music today? What is up with that?

here - laugh about this instead.

quote: in honor of the musical: It was the best of times.. it was the worst of times..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

what makes you think...

... what makes you feel? what makes you smile? what makes you cry?

i know the simple stuff. Joy, pain, happiness, grief. What about the rest of it, i wonder? what makes a bright sunny day seem painful? If i could answer that question, i think i might be set for life.

Knitting... Still on the rounds and rounds of soldier socks, but only about 1 inch to go before i start toe decreases.

Miscellaneous - tomorrow is Mr. Thornton's birthday... Happy Birthday Spokes...there is a wink there, you just can't see it. Click it - you'll love it. Spikesbint, aka angela, you've done a lovely thing there.. well done you!

Music... believe it or not - i have another one for you. My Skin by Natalie Marchant.... i didn't say it was new - just new to me....

but if it will relieve you of a fancied obligation, speak on....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

right off the face of the earth..

... not much of a way to keep people interested is it? naaaah.. sorry.. life got in the way again.

The knitting of the week will start this off... i have completed and delivered the booties.. will check and if i never posted the pic of them finished i will do so. I even got a picture of the recipients in them.. too cute for publication, besides they are not my darlings so they stay anonymous. I am in the round and round of my last foot before takeoff on my socks for soldiers socks. The cranberry is so much easier to knit than the black was. Since the new colors are sand related it will be a breeze after them.

I am still playing with the new toy - canon xsi - and so far loving it. I need to get a zoom lens pronto if i decide to keep it, as i am really an upclose and personal kind of photographer. But in the mean while the poor hibiscus on my deck has more than one reason to be red... i keep photographing her... sheesh...

I've been watching Elizabeth the Virgin Queen from my netflix queue. It's okay - and i wonder to myself why i gravitate to the same story time after time... Mary's mean... Robert Dudley wants what he can't have...the Duc of Anjour is a cross-dresser.. heh? She lives, she thrives and she has the heart and stomach of a king.. I think it is time for a North and South break. Oh Mr. Thorton...... or maybe Sparkhouse - have you seen it? you KNOW that you should... RJS, JT, RA... seeing a pattern here?

Music.. another video capture kinda sorta - but i don't have the link for the video that i liked... so here is our friend You Tube again....Kate Nash - Nicest

quote: we need a quote: "i always hoped that if i got married there'd be," these quotes are really not very difficult - want i should make 'em 'ard ?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

does anyone else...

... hate the grocery store? Grab a cart, start up and down the aisle. Take something off the shelf, put it in the cart. Fill the cart. Wait to check out... take the stuff out of the cart and onto a moving shelf... take it off the moving shelf, put it in a bag.. and back in the cart. Take it out of the cart and put it in your car (or the bus or the subway or a taxi)... take it out of the car and into your home... take it out of the bag and put it.... yep you guessed it BACK ON THE SHELF. There has to be a better way to do that!

i've finished one pair of booties and am about 2/3 done with the second pair (one bootie done and one 1/2 way - is that 2/3?). If i have it in me i will use up the rest of the Lorna's Laces and make each baby a cap as well. If i don't , they get booties... nuff said.

I will finish my soldier socks this week and then start another pair.

I finally re-installed my Photoshop Elements 6. Having never worked with it, the entire book that i am using seems to have been written in swahili... just swahili... take my word for it. I'd much rather be creating than learning but i promise to stick with it. I got a moderator's choice award in an icon contest over on Richard Stills over at Live Journal. It was very sweet of them to consider my poor little icons...LOL

i will take my knitting self out of the loop until ifinish these two small projects... Please that i finish them today.

quote of the day: "well you shouldn't (love me). Because i do not like you, and never have."

Friday, August 08, 2008


... thank God it's friday.... aaah yes TGIF... has many connotations now, does it not?

i've switched gears for a day or so - my soldier socks are to the round and round and i am guessing they will be perfect for tv watching over the weekend. the foot on them is the mindless knitting part..

... so i started making the postman's daughter's booties.. One down (almost) and three to do - she had twin boys - has everyone been having sons? i seem to have lots of girls colors and no gents colors.. hmmm paradoxical... i am knitting them in Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock in the colorway Black Watch. i thought they looked gentlemanly... what do you think? well how about a video instead? This one is called Silently Yearning and is by someone i am friends with on another board. h/b/d angela by the way. That is not text speak, it is florist speak, so don't get on me or it'll be curtains for mugsy. Right click and open it in a new window if you are not finished here. I wish i could learn how to make my clickies open in new windows automatically, but i am bloggerly challenged.

quote of the day: . Be with me always--take any form--drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! yesssss... wuthering heights... but what has it to do with the quotes game, i wonder?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


... i recently watched three movies that were very interesting. One i had not seen before. - This was Secrets and Lies and had Brenda Blethyn in it - she is a very talented character actor and i always find myself losing who she is to the character she plays. yes... that's acting but not all actors can do it... the other two were - in no particular order - 28 Days with Sandra Bullock and Viggo Mortenson, and Mrs. Brown with the Dame herself - judy dench. the first i'd seen long ago and saw it from a different perspective now. The second, well i love monarch stuff so watching Judy Dench as queen victoria was a nice change. there is a very young Gerard Butler in there too - playing a younger brother.. but it was a good enough film.

i worked lat into the night and have the better part of two socks done - one past the gussets to the plain round and round and the other halfway through the gussets... if i concentrate they will be done this week.

i don't know if i will participate in the ravelry olympics or not. i don't know if i feel like rushing some project just to get it done in olympic days. we'll see...

"if i could just see you , everything would be all right... If i could just see you - the darkness would turn to light..." -lifehouse, storm - yes i am obsessed with the song.

the quote of the day... "i was angry - i have a temper."

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

come home...

... it's another day ...

... i have two pairs of socks done today - washed... dried.. sitting here... and in an absolute burst of power knitting i have 2/3 of another one done...don't ask what time i went to sleep. I sort of got hung up watching a TDHCMO* trying to save his empire and get the girl too... yes i've watched it many times before, but how can you not love a look in a train station that says... oh my god she feels the same way...

music - someone gave me this link - wouldn't exactly call it happy peppy but the words spoke to me - probably in a different way than they were intended, but you must hear what you hear...
My Heart Belongs to You - ('cause it always will) - thanks you-tubers as you make music so much easier...

*quoting: TDHCMO= tall dark handsome cotton mill owner

Monday, August 04, 2008

so it's one for my baby...

... and one more for the road...

... the weekend was uneventful I will say that again - over and over again until i believe it. Sheesh - what an unbeliveable amount of angst for ... for what?

on to good news. I have now finished 3 pair of soldier socks. One has winged its way to the middle of the country. Two are in the washer making friends with water right now. i think i have legs for one more pair before i have to go back to making them top to toe. I am not sure of that.

Music - back to LIFEHOUSE these days... and Coldplay's new cd, Vida La Vida has really good music on it (here is one of the tracks - listen all the way through - its good). today i am wallowing so the song of the day is Storm (thanks YouTube and whoever posted this) - i have never been able to figure out how to set this up so the clickies move you to a new window - so if you want to read and click, right click on the link and open a new window. i'll figure it out... eventually...wink

BBC's Robin Hood finale was this weekend... yup, just like when it aired in Britain.. he killed her! oh well.. guess it was just not her day... winking again, you just can't see it... woman - your willfullness killed you after all... hmmmm