Tuesday, June 23, 2009

don't get here as often as i should

We've done a whole bunch of moving around in the past little while - and i am guessing that i should do a better job at being here to post. I have not posted any links to patterns in a long loooong while and apologize for that. I would like to say I will be better at it, but that might not be true.

So... (Lucas North in the washroom sooooooooo) i am off to the city of ding ding ding and "no more bets". Going to see a friend who is going there - sorta kinda - and plan to have a lovely visit. B&C accompanies so it will also be a getaway for him.

SFS - i am to the round and rounds of another pair of olive drab team knitters.. you know, i can't remember how many that makes this year? Finished a pair of booties for sister's friend - these are getting very easy to do.. hope so, eh? I have also finished a few other pairs for people who have had babies.. i took pictures.. well i think i did.. LOL

TV - this weekend is the last Robin Hood of the season - they have a collosal nerve, those writers, is all i have to say about that...

music? the quintessential - it will be on my playlist for a long long time.. Why is a song by Rascal Flatts that pretty much lays it right out on the table. after all, it's what i ask every day..

you want a quote... don'tcha? hmmmmm

"there must be some good in you yet, yeah? " " You don't know me...."

ps... i still want an iphone

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kelly Clarkson said it all...

... my life would suck without you.. that song is in my head and doesn't want to leave.  Why?  i don't know if i can explain it, it's just there.. it is an "ear"something .. my senior status is playing up and I can't remember ear-what.

i am back in business with soldier socks.  Got my stash of yarn, my legs to add to and off i am to the races.  I was not such a fan of the yarn i was using for the leisures.. so i kept putting off doing them...lol

okay i have said it before and i will say it again - do what you must to see episode 9 of robin hood... take my word for it, you will thank me.

This weekend is the big birthday celebration for Son the Elder, his Bride, and the May birthday people.  Son and DIL are off for a week of R&R where there are lots of lakes - don't ask me, I don't know. LOL

and i am off to the land of gators and gator bowls and mickey ... not going to see any of them but rather accompanying my sister on a trip for work to do.. it will have lots of leisure time and will be fun i am sure.  But there are definitely "things" that MUST get done.  Wish me luck!

Music?  hmmmmm was made aware of two emmie rossom songs.. will have to try to figure it out and post later..  Emiie Rossom singing Slow Me Down... and Emmie Rossom Singing Been too long - - go and listen...

a quote.. you are always looking for a quote.. hmmm... here is a series....

"...you made me think.... of someone i used to know... someone who saw good where there was none... she made me a better man...."