Monday, June 30, 2008

Can you call it frustration...

... or just feel it and get over it?

i have finished Shelagh Summer Socks. I am working on two pair of SFS now. in cranberry. I have to check to make sure the pattern is not so much changed as just streamlined.

here is the pic of the summer socks.

I still don't have a music program. i am sad.

I just received the rest of my Ultra silk, so i can finish the lace leaf shawl. i admit i have to work on it at the desk with no distractions... but work on it i will.

it is not much further along since the last picture... i will refrain from boring you.

This Blog - A Few Stitches Short - has the loveliest shawls/scarves I have ever seen. Check it out - don't hesitate. I want SHERWOOD to be finished NOW NOW NOW. But i have to wait... i promise i will, but not patiently

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i want my music back

i want my music player back - i hate viruses.

knitting has not been completed on the socks - i didn't knit at all yesterday or the day before.

i am going to finish the socks today and have them off my list - and get on with the socks for soldiers socks i should be working on.

no pics - no music... although there is enriquez singing "how can i not love you" a love theme from Anna and the King with Jodie Foster - i am not thrilled with the clipped beginning but the song does grow on you... as always - thanks youtube....

Monday, June 23, 2008

What do you know?

... what do any of us know? I know i love to knit, i love photography, i love to read. I love to be fangirly every once in a while (we'll do this one quietly). What do you know?

I know i would love to be able to design. I would love to be able to paint, or put together the beautiful graphics i see elsewhere on the internet. I would love to be better at the things that I love. What would you love to be able to do?

It will be - yes i believe it will be eventually.

I am knitting the lace leaf scarf - i am on my last ball of ultra silk and - yes - ordered a few more balls from another source. While i hold out absolutely no hope for the dye lots to match, i am more hopeful it won't matter as much with a pattern like this. i am on my last set of repeats if i am only doing the small one - but with a few more balls, why not go for the gusto?

My Yarn4Sock club socks - hmmm - one is done and kitchenered (is there a verb form of kitchener?). The second one will be done tonite. I am close to being at the toe decrease on the second sock. I like the way the decrease turned out on the first one - will post a picture if i take one. Since I probably will not post a "retrospective" of this one again... here are the particulars.
Yarn4Socks Sock Club offering #2 is a design called "Shelagh's Summer Socks" by Shelagh Smith of Vermont Designs by Shelagh. They are knit in Vermont Panda Superwash Sock Yarn in Silver Lake - The yarn is by a company called "A Piece of Vermont". I liked working with it - nice stitch definition and lovely bounce - has some bamboo apparently.

My SFS socks are moving back up the rotation to the "tv knitting". I can't do the shawl anywhere but at my desk, where repeats do not get muddled. So socks will be socks, in front of the tv. I love being able to crank these out without having a 12 inch leg to knit. Yes, i am lazy.

Music? My music player is still craput. I have not been on line much this weekend - so perhaps no music today. So ... just scroll back and listen - there's lots there to choose from...

... ps - i would love you to remember - i carry your heart - i carry it in my heart...always....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

back in the water...

... the virus seems to have left for friendlier climes... so far the biggest casualty (besides my confidence in downloading) is my music program. i am relegated to windows media player while i figure out what fatal exception errors are and how do i fix them. Yahoo Music is not being very helpful - but i am finding no one seems to be - and if you don't have a personal computer-repair-person on retainer (i feed one regularly) you are so out of luck it is not even funny.

so.. i knit. i am still working on a pair of cranberry SFS socks in rotation - (although it admit right now they are on the 1" a day rotation). I am also working on the blue Yarn4Socks Club socks (in the foot sections of both - one is ready for the toe decreases and the other still round and round the footie). Also being worked on, as you can see, is my Leaf Lace Shawl - It is 20 rows further along than this, but this is the latest photo. I have to work at this particular project at my desk with no distractions. I am, however, enjoying the fact that this is not mindless knitting.

Music - Imogen Heap, anyone?

Monday, June 16, 2008


... stopped by to read sherrill's blog and she tagged anyone who did. ... so... here goes

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was working for the Farmer's Market Council in NJ, waiting for one son to return from his freshman year in college and the other to advance to his sophomore year in high school. Living where i am now, married and doing the day to days....

2. What 5 things are on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order)? i have to try to get the virus off my desktop. I have to try to get the virus off my desktop. i have to try to get the virus off my laptop. are you seeing a pattern here? well, see it twice more

3. What snacks do I enjoy? Guilty pleasures - skittles and popcorn (microwave with no added butter)

4. What would I do if I was a billionaire? Let's see... pay off all debt for myself and all my family members. Buy a car i would never buy otherwise. Make sure my future was secure. Contribute to the causes that touch my heart. Travel to the British Isles and Italy and buy myself a place to live part time. and buy a place by the water - where life could not get in the way.

5. Where have I lived? New Jersey and New Jersey .... and New Jersey

who (whom) do i tag? did you read this here - then you're tagged.

Friday, June 13, 2008


my computer has been compromised - by some moron with too much time on their hands who thought a good day's work would be to hide a trojan virus in something i wanted to download.

so for the past 4 days i cannot log into anything i want to without first being taken to some site called "horny". what makes this fun, i ask?

so i am not really on the internet except when at other people's houses. and i miss the internet terribly.

knitting - still working on the shawl... but it is hard to do it without just sitting at the desk concentrating.

and - not a picture to be had, as i cannot get to the pictures on my computer. - are we having fun yet?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

i'm learning

... i'm learning how to make slide shows in Windows Movie Maker... betcha can't guess what my first one was....(i miss smileys here)... i did one a few weeks ago in another program and am now seeing the benefits and drawbacks of each... hmmm

...i'm learning how to knit lace... I am making a shawl (Fiber Trends Pattern- Leaf Lace Shawl) but right now am still chicken enough to be knitting it out of dk weight yarn (Berroco Ultra Silk) - after months and months o strictly socks, it is nice to tax my brain.

...i'm learning which camera i want to buy.. well not very well...

i am working on cranberry socks - but there might not be anyplace to dye them. in that case they can be leisures made in cranberry - i am not worrying about that - simply put - a clue, no!

Monday, June 02, 2008

clubs... big clubs.. fan clubs... sock clubs

joined a few... decided i couldn't knit in cranberry this weekend - here is a picture of the Yarn4Socks Club offering - Shelagh's Summer Socks. - I will edit later with the yarn - 'tis in the other room.

I sobbed all the way through the movie PS , I Love You last night - not just tittering little hiccoughs but big hacking sobs. Why, you ask, would one put herself through something like that? Because, Virginia, I was hooked on it. But oh my sweet lord (yes, I am quoting George Harrison again) it was a cute movie... even with all the sobbing and nose running. The link is just so you can see the jacket - not for any purposes of purchasing.

Music? I have Jordin Sparks NO AIR stuck in my head - and it will not unstick. could be tricky singing this in my sleep