Wednesday, July 30, 2008


.... it's been a full week. and i've not posted and i am aggrieved. However, you've heard me say before that life can get in the way... well it did.. once more... big time... and since no one wants to hear about it, just go with the flow it requires and don't be annoyed. thanks

i am knitting to finish soldier socks and have mailed a package with one pair and all my goodies to the Sarge. I am hopeful it will be there by weekend as i have held onto it long enough. I want to knit a few small items for personal stuff now. but will have a pair of sock on the needles - you know i will.

i want it back... and i can't have it.

i have not found anything new in the world of patterns to inspire me to buy new yarn. That in itself tells you that things are not just fine in glockamorra this fine day. But i will keep working on that... promise...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where have all the cowboys gone....

... you holding out for a hero? ..... here is a fan video by someone from another board.... the song along always reminds me of tv shows with big good guys squashing big bad guys ...i know i know....that is not politically correct. oh well... the hero... okay, I'll hold out...

one soldier sock done down to the toe decreases, the second sock is at 8 inches and only has to get to 9 BEFORE the toe decreases. I want to knit something else and i believe the next thing will be a bag or two - or maybe the fake-isle hat i had posted a ways back. My postman's daughter had twin boys and I need two pair of boy-booties-socks. That WILL be next. Funny, I must have 6 pairs of booties, but only one pair suitable for young lads. I usually make them out of left-over sock yarn, so ... only girl colors then? what is up with that?

I found yarns in my stash yesterday that are crying for garments to be made from them. i can't believe i forgot i had them. Does that happen to anyone else? I hope so.

Song of the day is Don't You Dare by Alexz Johnson - teen angst makes for lovely music. It's funny how many different ways you can interpret it, though.

Monday, July 21, 2008

the affair was catered

... yes it was a musical... it was a dramatic musical. I don't know how such serious musicals can compete with the lighthearted fare that is the stuff Hairspray is made of. I would tell you to go see it - i loved it - but it is closing this week so you'd better hurry. The cast was wonderful, the songs full of voice and heart - it's a shame it's closing - i'm not a critic but i loved it anway...

... not Mamma Mia yet but i am sooo working on it.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

getting better all the time.....

morning.. morning... i hope the day does well where you are... (wink)

i am off to the city today to see a musical (i think its a musical) adaptation of A Catered Affair. It won the Drama League's Best Musical Award (ah there is the answer - it IS a musical) and has some interesting flow to it if i believe what i've read. anyway - do i ever say no to seeing a play in the city? a play? a musical? who cares???? it's on a stage and i am watching it from usually great seats.

i want to see Mamma Mia - no bad words please -movies do not always have to be War and Peace or Atonement or Whatever Angst the Day will bring to be fun and i want to see it.... I tend to not like movies where people are put into chippers anyway...

And what am i knitting? i am working on finishing the soldier socks NOTHING else - i want to be able to send three pair of socks and goodies off this week. I really do. I in the foot rounds of the second sock (i think its the second sock) so i am going to finish them this week if i have to stay off the internet to do it. Don't believe me

Music? Well what do you think? Meryl, sing it baby... don't make fun of Pierce, I'll haunt you!

let's start a quote of the day... you have to be in the know to know... are you in the know enough to know? Because when it gets right down to it, he knows that we know that he knows that we know.... Woman, your willfullness will kill you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

did ya miss me?

suffice it to say i was someplace where posting is not an option. I am better now and best we don't discuss it... yes, cryptic when i want to be, aren't I?

I am on the feet of my sfs socks and will stay on them alone until they are done. I want to have three pair to send off to the sarge and if i keep up with them i will be at the toe decreases in no time. Of course i have to be awake to knit.

no music to speak of... not today. neither are there photos ... i've been away, ya see....wink wink...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pulled out of the bowels of the earth...

.. or the stash basket - whatever you prefer as a nickname. Here are the pics of the back of my buenos aires sweater. i was incorrect yesterday when i said i was missing just a sleeve. I am missing on of the front panels. BUT... i have it 1/2 done. So perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and finish it, ... hmmm?

I have been humming on the third pair of SFS socks. I am at least half way through the gusset decreases on the second sock. I knit my socks concurrently, so you must know, once the gusset decreases are done it is straight knitting and home by midnight.

Music.... i am into Queen thanks to a friend - angela - and have who wants to live forever in my head for days now. I watched the Winona Ryder version of Little Women last night and could get into that sound track as well. I have to start a list of the sound tracks i just want for the sound track of my life. It would be sad songs, of course, but then again - i've been told i gravitate there.

Friday, July 04, 2008

First post in July... land of the free...

... and the home of the brave... we are having the obligatory hot dog and hamburger fest today - the B&C does not move forward in his universe without them. But the weather is iffy so we will eat them indoors... not much of a cookout, then, but the cooking will be out of doors so it is still classically a cookout. (fireworks piccies thanks to )

I have not been knitting on anything other than soldiersocks over the past few days - i am trying to get the third pair finished so i can mail three and have three to do. It is a plan - but how much of one? not too sure.

As for the rest - my life is indeed a tapestry. I was cleaning out a desk drawer today and found the picture of the sweater I have completed EXCEPT FOR ONE SLEEVE. Someone should shake me until my teeth rattle. Yes, the cardigan - yes, I should finish it, yes. yes. yes.