Tuesday, October 19, 2010

art and artistry...

i am constantly in awe of art and artistic people. .. and might be considered jealous in a totally non-confrontational way.. lol...

it is a wonderful turn of life that people can be butchers and bakers and candlestick makers and one day pick up a camera and find a new way to express themselves. The internet is a fantastic melting pot of these creative jewels.. in addition to the traditional crafting versions of creativity we can add such internet specifics as graphics and video to enjoy. People who might not ever even be exposed to Photoshop have delved in to see what they can do to make an icon or a signature.. an avatar or a wallpaper.. the communities of Youtube and LiveJournal are brimming with the work of amateurs and professionals alike.

i am fortunate to be associated with some extremely talented people in this regard. I've posted links to their work before. Standout videographer heathRA (aka heathdances) or spikesbint on youtube ( i've many times mentioned and linked to heather's videos - but if you missed - watch This Woman's Work or her Fix You.. and check out Spikesbint's Romantic Moments)- and graphics by kiteflier on livejournal (i am not sure you will be able to click through, but i have linked them none-the-less). I know that some day we will see these editing talents on the big screen.. or on the 62" "little" screen at home.. just know it..

These people have become friends and mentors in some of the fledgeling steps i take.

I've posted before about the knitting community links i enjoy - those people who design and create from string - Tangled, and A Few Stitches Short... are located in the bar on the right.. as is BrooklynTweed and there are more .. they almost need their own post....

What waxes me poetic today? I received a custom order of a necklace from a young woman who has recently begun designing jewelry... and stumbled across what may be her calling quite by accident.. love the creativity.. love the creation.. a couple of photos for you to come to your own conclusion. The beads compliment each other perfectly in real life.. in photography colors bend and don't always look the same.. the designer/jeweler is Eight & Twenty Bead Co. - she is on etsy but as i said just getting started so there is not a major presence there.. if i can link to the facebook page i will but i think, again, you need to be signed in to fb to see ..

Friday, October 15, 2010

MIA in a good way...

i've been mia again.. but.. i have a reason (the dog ate my homework.. no really really he did!!)... really really i do!

i spent most of last week in "almost walking land" - my little miss and i had some upclose and personal time whilst mama was away on business. I loved every crawling on the floor, picking up the toys, rocking in the dark moment.. she makes my heart sing. I presented said little miss with the Whale of a Hat previously posted about here, but she was less than interested in wearing it.. and since i am a bit doting, i can only hope that mama will be able to capture her in it at some point and forward the snap to me.

upon arrival back at casa ddhockey, i was off immediately to dog sit for a neighbor of my sister. Without the dogsitting, this person would have sat out her grandson's wedding across the country - so Shadow (big old lunky old black lab - did i mention old?) got to be good friends... right through tuesday 2 am when my corner of the world was subject to horrible thunder, lightning and hail.. poor shads no likey lightning, so he sat with his head in my lap most of the night .. that was when he wasn't sitting with his head in my sister's lap .. or sitting on me on the couch.. LOL

soooo really truly reasons not excuses.

i knit a pumpkin hat for little miss - from a freebie pattern on ravelry here - and i have to mail it quickly so she can have more than a day to wear it! the original pattern calls for cotton - but i had cascade 220 in orange and green - so stash busting this was.. in a manner of speaking.

ZIP is coming along and most finished.. hopefully done by weekend.

i am going to start a pair of leisure socks this weekend too - i have no soldier socks on needles and that is not right.. will get them started even if they are a women's pair - which i have not sent in forever.. but knowing me i will start a men's pair.. i feel badly that they are in need so must do.
there is a trail of quiet still, but i will keep getting up every day.. that's the main job isn't it?

a quote...

Close your eyes.. and you'll remember ...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

put on your big girl pants and deal with it

deep breath.. grabbing onto the edge of the pit...yanking my way back up...

knitting.. purling.. yarnovering.. just keep my hands moving ... i have three projects on the needles and a pair of soldier socks in the wash.
i am knitting ZIP to fulfill a DIL request. She asked if there was a back opening sweater that i might make. Granddaughter could use one that DIL can put over her in the car seat after she is all tacked in.... so .. off to ravelry.. and ZIP.. It's a hoodie but i am not making it one. Checking with the designer, the neck is finished with the moss stitch all around it, so it will be just fine without the hood - and i won't need a zipper as it will be tucked in around my girl. soooo down to the pit (not to be confused with the pit referenced above) and stash diving to find something suitable. Debbie Bliss stash to the rescue.. Merino aran in a color that will be lovely with my girl's eyes.. if i can drag my corpulent behind from the chair i will take a photo of the color. if not.. i'm sure it will make an appearance anon.

i am knitting a project i cannot post. hopefully when i am done with it, i will have been able to ascertain if the person i am making it for checks this place.. if so.. sorry ya gotta wait.
my socks are washed.. need to be popped into the dryer.. then off to a soldier.. i need yarn so i am stopped where regulation socks are concerned til i get more. but i can do a pair of leisures. I have stuck to the 20 minutes rule.. somedays even when i don't want to look at needles.. so.. i am getting there with this as well. it is too satisfying to not do..
i've just said i am going back down to the pit to find more suitable yarn to knit the Augustus scarf - it looks like something that i can lose myself in ... and i am good at losing myself these days...