Friday, October 24, 2008

Right back after a word from our sponsors...

... yes i've been right back.. NOT... but to be honest the crud that attacked me really had me in the grip for a bit. Antibiotics... check... feeling better.. check...

knitting? not so much a check. I have to make socks the priority and just get some done. i've not really done any knitting the past week or so.. sorry... i did find yarn for the morningside cowl.. i am going to use Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk that i have in my stash. will let you know if i can actually master the brioche stitch and if this turns out okay in it.

i saw the cutest little baby sweater on Knitty.. it is called...L'lillo and you can check it out - it is so cute...i will upload a pic in a little while... pic is courtesy OF knitty and of the author Susan Power

this is a superquick post... superquick.. but i've made one right?

no music... a quote? well okay...

"never think that you can't tell me things..."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Re-start your engines....

...i have been back here a few times to post, and just stop dead and look at that face and couldn't do it.  But it's now the 17th and if anyone actually READS this blog, you've given up faith by now.

I have had RL in the mix here.  I did the flowers for a dear dear person's wedding.  And she loved them.  I will post a pic or two here, but you can also see a slideshow... and she loved the flowers did I say?  
The currently making-the-rounds illness garbage got me too - so i am medded up into the new millenium.  Have i said lately that i love my GP doctor?  A caring and people-oriented caregiver.  And a very nice person besides.  

I have not been knitting - i am still on my last pair of dyable socks for SFS... i feel badly about not having finished them but i truly have been feeling icky.  But i will finish them.. you know i will.

new patterns.  There have not been any of late.  I've not been surfing ravelry.  oooh wait.  BrooklynTweed (jared) has a great neckwarmer that's been published by Classic Elite Yarns and looks lovely.  the pattern is here and the picture - maybe i can snaffle it - which you can see i did...all credit for pattern and picture to Jared - at brooklytweed blog - check the sidebar for the link too...

Spooks/MI5 starts next Monday/Tuesday in the UK!  Yay!  There is a trailer and there are pics.  Sounds like a good time waiting to start.  There have been interviews alluding to the young man losing about 15 pounds to start the role - 15 pounds on a lean frame can be ill afforded, but in a business where it is all about what you look like sometimes, understandable.  

So let me see, chatty?  check... knitting content.. check... TV/Radio content... check.. couple of links?... check.... yay - i'm back.