Friday, September 28, 2007

you could call it free fall.... might just call it reining in whatever i can and letting the rest free-fall.... not sure which it is. but i am doing my best - can't ask for more than that....

i am working on socks...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

everything old is new again..

.... looking for a new desktop photo - found this one from the wedding we attended in april of last year - new hampshire mist in the morning makes a rainbow....

there's a song that goes "wake me up when september ends" -
i am soo feeling that way this week.

it took me all evening to unravel the blasted knots in the fleece artist merino. i don't exactly know what i did wrong - my swift and ball winder are usually effortless - now i have one big hand wrapped ball of sock yarn that i will divide into two cakes today. one positive is that i can weigh the ball and divide equally.

my bbs are at 8 inch legs each and moving slowly toward the heel flaps. i think these should go into the hall of fame just being finished.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

whew.... this is autumn?

the thermometer in my automobile says its 91 degrees out there today - yep lovely cool fall weather... NOT...

i've spent the better part of the afternoon trying to unravel the red sock yarn that knotted as i was ball-winding.... it is so VERY VERY aggravating to think you are doing something right and have it bite you so badly. i actually had to get up and walk away. this doesn't usually happen with the swift and ball winder....

i am hopeful - hoping on and ever - that i will get my ravelry invitation by next week.... would love to finally peak inside.

on needles are a pair of BBS - they will be the death of me yet i believe - and by the time i finish winding this red yarn i won't want to see it for a while - so maybe i will look to start some other pair of socks. the socknitter site had a link to a very simple pair of socks that i might have to cast on for - called the 56 stitches 56 rows sock - made out of dk weight yarn so maybe it will be a fast knit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

twice the fun...

back today with some pictures of the yarn i was talking about.... also since i was snapping pics - one or two of by bootie basket - now if only someone will have a baby or two...

reds and golds are hand-dyed Fleece Artist yarn merino 2/6 that are destined to become the "fly away home" September Pick Up Sticks sock club socks. this color was dyed specifically for them.

Blues and greens will become the Tilt and Whirl socks from Spirit Trail fiberworks
- Superwash Merino yarn GF

the Birdseye maple basket filled with booties - well let's just say they were sock leftovers that i decided to finish off. this is not the bootie i spoke of earlier - at least in some cases it's not - but using selfpatterning sock yarn is a nice alternative to baby pink and blue.

Tuesdays with morrie....

..... i am back from morrie and have nothing much to report - i am up to about 7 inches on each of my BBS - which is a good thing i believe. I made another Odessa hat last night and the night before after i burned out of black socks, and the pattern really does flow very nicely if you just make sure you follow the bloody thing. this time i knitted in pattern until i reached 6 inches instead of 5 1/2 - and still had enough ball left for probably maybe 5 more full rounds. so will make one more with the length at 6 1/2 inches. i am working with the Rowan Cashsoft DK so whatever its yardage is that is what we have.

other than that, the week progresses with little to report. my next project outside of knitting will be to faux paint my sisters entry hall - we will be matching the greys in her entryway tile. hard part about this is that we will probably have to buy quarts of paint - no samples in the colors we are looking for..... oh well...

i received the yarn and pattern for 2 different sock of the months - will post them as soon as i take a pic or two.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday dawns overcast and dreary....

...we were supposed to have company tonite but something (figuratively) blew up at dh work so he has been on the phone almost non-stop. didn't hit the pillow until 2:30 am and since he usually rises at 4:30 am it is a bit of a stretch. i admit it is not like digging ditches for 22 hours but the results are the same in someone who needs his sleep. so we will not be entertaining tonite and will do so soon instead. thank heaven for understanding friends.

i am struggling this time around with the bbs - i can only seem to get 3 or 4 inches (collectively) done before hating the black. i have the ott lite burning a hole in them - but i think it's me and not the black - or maybe what the black is doing to me right now.

in contrast, i've knit a beanie from an 2006 pattern by a blogger/designer - grumperina (you all probably know kathy although i am newer to this blog searching thing than i let on). Odessa from Magknits site is a neat little and darned easy little hat to make. i did mine without beads since i DID have the yarn (cashsoft dk) and didn't have the beads (150 6/0 beads) in stash at 1:30 in the morning, making the pattern even quicker than with the beads and a simple repeat of the same pattern around and around. i love the birds eye view the best, although that would mean i need to fly like a macy's float to be able to see it on people. will see if a pic of mine will suit.

remember as you look at mine that it is: a: not blocked and b: contains errors as i decided to let-er rip and not rip out. i thought it worth a skein of stash yarn to see exactly how the pattern worked.

aah yes - and the rachael ray experience? well if i can find it, i took a digipic of the tv with my DDIL's SIL and half of her as well. if it doesn't get a post today it may tomorrow. the last week begins, remember the smile - i always do...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who Knew?

Pink's new song is buried in my head and keeps winding 'round and 'round it like spaghetti.... or yarn..."if someone said three years ago you'd be long gone, i'd stand up and punch them out, 'cause they'd be all wrong...who knew?"

today airs the Rachael Ray show we attended. Let's see how far into the back of the studio audience the camera travels, eh?

the noro silk garden scarf is just about done - have to tweek the bind off a bit - so used to binding off super loosely that i created a little flair where i wanted none. but here are a few pics nonetheless.

also, i was intrigued by the asparagus ravioli i had at Fabio Piccolo Fiore on thursday, so i made up a version of my own on friday for dave. they don't look too bad if i do say so myself.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


sunday the 16th - where is the time going i might ask?
i am posting a picture today of booties made by my mother for Son the Elder back in 1979. Reason, you might ask? today on the Socks for Soldiers site the discussion is about slippers, and Group Sarge posted a pattern for an adult version of these. it thought it was a hoot to see big person feet in a little person pattern. the ADULT pattern can be found here .

These booties used to be called "stay on booties" because it was tough for little fingers to get them off little feet.

on my needles - the BBS continue in black - i am also casting on another pair in Regia Stretch in cranberry to be dyed. this particular yarn is just lovely to work with - even in black. when they say stretch they mean bouncing and light while retaining a terrific stitch definition - lovely lovely solid yarn.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passing Muster....

we are off to (perhaps) see a taping of Rachael Ray's show today. The sun is barely peeping up in the sky and we need to be on the 7 am train in to the city..... many rules accompany this visit to this particular show - type of clothing - type of shoes (are my red leather slip on rykka's shoes or sneakers, you decide?) - but to be on line in time to wait we need to get going - i will post more if we actually do sit in the audience of champions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fabric of our lives

i did not post yesterday, 9/11, as i chose to dedicate the day to those who perished, those who fought to save them, and those who continue to fight every day. i pledged to knit socks for soldiers on 9/11, and that i did - no playing on the internet for the day.

but...... I'M BAAAAAACK......

pics today of the boot socks, done and ready for their recipient. They are knit from a dk weight yarn from puckerbrush that is think i got on the internet long ago... but might've been a purchase at stitches east last year. sorry it has been in my stash too long to remember.... i've been much better about documenting great yarn this year - which i why i think this is a previous purchase.

i also started on a simple noro silk garden scarf from Brooklyn Tweed (aka Jared). The terrific colors jared used are no longer available so i punted and picked something i think will work well. interesting as simple to knit - so works for me!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

hold on to your socks.... of the boot socks is done - as is 1/2 of a BBS sock. so i am knitting 4 socks concurrently instead of 2. I had to finish one sock of the boot socks, though, because i didn't wind off the yarn equally and i was afraid of moving along too swiftly on the "yarn challenged" sock.

so ... do i have a photo?????? ha ha h ah a....... maybe tomorrow...

i ordered some of the new knitpicks birch circulars that will interchange with my knitpicks options - so now i can concurrent more socks at the same time.....

Rachael Ray on Thursday - that is IF i can figure out what exactly i can put on my feet that won't kill me standing for 2+ hours that are not sneakers...... merrills shouldn't count - but can i take that chance???

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

socks, yarn and sockyarn.....

here is a picture of the lorna's laces september color i just received - it's called cherries jubilee.
i think it will be wonderful for a pair of fall into winter socks. maybe for me.... but i doubt it the way i tend to make them.

Today is thursday as you can tell from the date above. I just put up a mini blind (that i think was designated for my bedroom) in the garage so the new folks next door don't have to gaze at the garbage bin describes my garage these days.

we are enjoying the new tv - i am not totally against only having the 32" in the room - after all it IS high definition. i think the husband is enjoying it way more than i do - i am not a tv person during the day.

what is on the needles you ask? a pair of bbs (big black socks) are started in regia stretch in cranberry - no not black but easily dye-able. also phil's boot socks from puckerbrush sock yarn (again - no clue where i got this but it is a nice dk weight sock yarn that will be perfect for phil when he has to wear his work boots on a site). should i get up from the computer i will snap the socks and add them tomorrow.

talk about way too much sock yarn - if i get up my nerve i will snap a stash shot of the closet.... where SOME of it is.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

it's a monday kind of tuesday...

... that comes after a three day weekend - it's a regular "singing the blues day" all day long.....

the bangles i think - who knows - but that (and all the other lyrics running around in the cavern of my head) is why i can't remember what i had for breakfast.

tuesday is always tuesday with morrie - but today was a little off and a little weird. i actually think i will take it up with her at some point.

i am knitting socks... and socks... and socks... i got two skeins of some kind of "specialty color" from lorna's laces today. i believe it is september's color.... but it might be augusts... will take apic before i "cake" it.

did i put a picture of my noni-bag on this page? i don't believe i did. so i will upload one now. did the bag a while ago and embellished it right before the wedding i attended in june. came out nicely if i do say so myself.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Close your eyes.......

Wow! What a Labor Day Surprise. Didn't think Son the Elder and his bride were coming for the weekend - thought it would be slow and steady and just as always.... and here i am on the deck speaking to him as he is "shopping at best buy in Pennsylvania..... or is he talking to me from behind me on the deck on the cell phone what the ehll is going on anyway????? Super super suprised and no idea and all the rest! Yay!

Beth liked her little pink cardie - now i can say it was for beth... and i can even let them know i have this place now...

i am knitting away on socks for Phil, having somehow received faulty yarn that caused my soldier socks to explode in the wash.... wah....

i had an extra pair of socks lying around that beth tried on and fit her perfectly - so they now have a home - and i have measurements on socks that fit her well - ahh yes....

so i didn't labor on labor day weekend - i visited and had guests that made my weekend wonderful.