Tuesday, July 27, 2010

snarly and snarky

... that's me..

i can;t push back the feeling; i should be overjoyed and in most ways i am. but something is weighing down the whole mess and i am not doing well fighting it.. so i am snarly and snarky....beware any who venture near...

... i've been productive. sfs ... one sock is ready to kitchener, one is at the toe decreases. yes it is past my weekend deadline to send them but there is another weekend coming up.. i'm already over it and it was probably short-sighted of me to think i would be done and dusted.

...i've been productive... the scots in me (which there is 0) wouldn't let b&c pay to have two pairs of suit pants hemmed with no cuff for 13.00 each... i hemmed them today, and tucked up a pair of my jeans as well , since i had the machine out, the tension fairly okay and the threads all over the floor. i can now wear them without hiking them up to my chin. he picks up the jackets to the suit pants tomorrow.. so i finished first - nanny nanny boo boo

i need to concentrate on the socks now.. they will be done and i will start a cap for a private donation.

i have music.. yay.. i have music....

first off.. johnny cash - redemption day... also johnny cash's cover of "hurt" ... and golden state's All Roads Lead Home.. and madi diaz whereever you are.. which i don't think is on youtube.. thanks as always to the youtube-ers who take the time to put the music up there either as it is or as a video.. all tops of the pops with light and airy...not.. snarly and snarky remember??

Monday, July 19, 2010

taking the calm way...

.. calm.. peaceful.. no more fist-pumping smileys.. lol .. at least not for now...

i have fast-tracked my sfs socks.. happily i am into the foot on each now and can easily just knit away - so i am hopeful they will be outta here by the end of the week. I do not have any more regulation yarn.. will be ordering for the next shipment ... so i will have to check out the stash and put a pair of leisures on the needles in the meantime. i like doing regulation color socks better as i am thinking there is more of a priority for them.. but no yarn makes that a bit difficult.. lol
by now, it is probably old news.. i've said it here before.. i'll say it again.. sfs? you ask? socks for soldiers, inc. - check out the link... non-profit.. not a scam.. mailing hand made socks to servicemen and women...check it out.. you know you want to. i am a member.. i've knit... several (lol) pairs of socks.. let's just say i can do a heel flap, heel cup and gusset in my sleep...and maybe i have.. LOL - the more things change.. the more they stay the same... olive drab i see you in my dreams.

okay ... slide show finis... til the next time

new music.. sara bareilles king of anything... just edgy enough lyrics to make you smile .. and just sad enough idea to make you close your eyes and think... hate to break it to you babe - but i'm not drowning.. who made you king of anything? ...as always thanks to the poster on youtube.. without it, i don't know how i would share half of the music i enjoy...

a quote.... you know you love them.. too simple is this one.. i need to make some notes on the obscure..

miss hale will not have me.. no one cares for me but you...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


... i was a little over excited yesterday, wasn't i?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


fist pumping little smiley saying YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - insert it here..

Soaked it last night.. blocked it all last night and this morning.. took it outside to photgraph it and left it there to finish drying.. i think it will be just vine.. i mean fine.. LOL... taking on its last bit of dry under the evening sky...




i'm happy to say it is done.. and i am gusset-ing the second sock for a pair of SFS even as we speak.

Friday, July 16, 2010

step away from the edge..

.. just do it.. step back.. step back..

count to five and twenty, Tatty Corum and you will be able to be un-vexed.

yeah... right...

stepping away from the edge is so much more difficult on those days when the edge is so much more alluring..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a form of eureka!

leaf shawl 1
i am very happy to say i've figured out my place in the Leaf Lace Shawl i started about 2 years ago. It was my first foray into any kind of lace work. I did it with worsted weight ultra silk by berroco and ran out of yarn before i could finish. i thought (yeah right) that i had been scrupulous in writing down what repeat/row i should start on.. NOT! Soooooo (lucas north in the washroom so..) i couldn't re-start. Til now!

lace leaf shawl 2 (2)
i determined this would be a finished object this year. Trotted my behind into the studio and sat with the directions, my little row counter complete with rings supposedly telling me which repeat i was on.. and lo and behold.. i was able to figure it out!!!

i have just typed out the edging instructions (need them big bucko) and am going to finish this puppy..

This may not be a eureka to many, but it is to me! And.. what a difference two years makes.. When i first started this project, i needed to single-task. no tv, no audiobooks, no music.. just concentration.. i finished up the repeats last night watching The Deadliest Catch and only needed to glance to make sure i was where i needed to be..

I am done with the heel/gusset on sfs sock 1 and have cast on the leg to foot of sfs sock 2. i will work on them tonite... as i do think concentration of the maximum sort will be needed for the edging on the shawl.

a quote: let's see..

...I believe your daughter and i have already met...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

who knew?

I write like
William Shakespeare

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

film at 11.. so to speak.. i have some things to write about but have to finish up before i can dedicate my time to it.. so.. (arnold).. "i'll be back..."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Natal Days...

... tomorrow is the natal day of the patriarch of the family ... and tonight we will eat cake (thanks Marie Antoinette) for to celebrate.

cake, anyone?

Friday, July 09, 2010


Rain after 10 days without.. of course on the day i would need an umbrella instead of being firmly ensconced here before the computer.. lol.. it was actually something i could not be annoyed about even IF having to be out in it....lol

i'm working on sock #1 and have finished the heel. picture will follow as soon as i get up and take it. now i will start heel on sock number 2.... aaaah for concurrency.

i bought a pattern for a cowl yesterday from Sue Pandorf (her blog A Few Stitches Short, has great photos so i will only bore you with one) - it is named Strider and is knit from worsted weight wool. I can see gifts here.. LOL
Sue does a lot of fine work with lace/beads/shawls etc... i do not think you will be disappointed in what you see on her blog.
It has been a bit hard not to turn inward lately. I am not sure of the reason. I feel safe in saying that here, since i am pretty certain i am talking to myself.. insert chuckle here..
Last night was a Spooks/MI5 night.. series 7.. the entrance of Lucas North.
a quote... i won't even make you guess...
no new music today.. i am still listening to plastic moon by madi diaz...

"home isn't where you live.. it's where people understand you..."

Thursday, July 08, 2010

photo evidence

gusset underway.. hi little monkey...

i am photo chronicling (which is so not a word) the pair of SFS i am currently doing.. oooh yay bet you are all tingling at the prospect...

but here are the pics so far.. heel flap.. heel cup.. and gusset work.. yay!!
and yes.. that is a flying monkey stitch marker.. from the Wizard of Oz Collection ...lol

the weather is less ominous today.. my mood maybe not so much less....
music? i am listening to madi diaz' new release - plastic moon - you wonder how i have it already? heh heh heh.. i pledged... one of the songs is Let's go... the album version i likey...
quote? quick.. and army like...

I will make this better...

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

who is mother nature kidding??

it's 99 degrees F as i type this.. sorry mother nature.. this is not even remotely funny.

no rain in sight either.. what is up with THAT?

dealing with a headache that has me wishing i could unscrew my head from my body today again... but this too shall pass...

can't knit.. can't read... frustrated.. but this too shall pass

missing him like crazy today.. just sayin'.. not so much thinking this will pass...

a quote? okay .. not the usual source though.. someone wrote this on their blog - by toni morrison

"Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that supposed to mean? In my heart, it don't mean a thing."

Monday, July 05, 2010

...in the shade

they say it will be 100 degrees here this week.. it is not the norm for this part of the country at this time of the year.. but it's summer, so make some ice and sit on it, i guess!

i am trundling through the second sock and have some definite second sock itis... arrrg for not having the 4th circular to be able to concurrently knit these little buggers... but they will be finished by week's end.. or i will stuff them down the garbage disposal.. ooops we don't have one.. oh well

music? this morning whilst watering the little remote patch of grass-green, i shuffled on the ipod and listened to Beth Nielsen Chapman's I Find Your Love -and it made me close my eyes.. and remember a smile....

and then - right into Kelly Clarkson (gotta love the ipod when it shuffles your brain as well as your music!!) telling me how much her life would suck without .. well not me.. but you.. LOL

i've been following a blog with a person who has been graciously posting free hat patterns every month.. the blog is called TANGLED and there are adorable free patterns, some links to not free, but lovely patterns, and some interesting banter.. check it out...

do we want a quote today? someone this morning gave me a lift watching a wibble.. lol

"You don't need henry to explain."

Thursday, July 01, 2010

what's showing...

... something's wormed its way into my day and i am wearing my sad face. Can't shake it; don't know if i totally want to try. I will do my best to see it end with midnight though...

i've received my "legs" for the next pair of sfs socks. i am happy to cast on - i tend to miss soldier socks when i don't have any in rotation. and yes, miss lazy here could start a pair from scratch, but i have the foot down to a science and seem to be able to get much more (and many more pairs) done when i am not burdened by the 12-14" leg.

it doesn't help, i think that today is a very sad day for a close friend. i've a candle flickering in honor, but somehow it doesn't seem like enough...

a quote.. a quote... hmmmm

Cheers Mate...