Thursday, March 26, 2009

not doing much remembering

my birthday has come and gone.. we celebrated... it is over now.. let's just call it a day on getting older.. ok?

i have completed another pair of soldier socks... that, as they say, is that for the team knit socks.  i have yarn to make a pair of leisure socks here but no more otherwise... i am working right this minute on a birthday present of socks for someone.  then i will do the leisures... yep...

music?  will work on that

quote?  will work on that too...

not being such a pissy old person?  can't promise i will work on that... lol

Friday, March 13, 2009

winging their way away away

4 pairs of socks for soldiers socks are winging their way to afghanistan i think it was afghanistan.. one more pair is currently winging its way to ohio to get in box to wing its way to ... well somewhere. And there is a pair on the needles doing the round and round... this pair is already olive drab so they don't need the black bath. This pair also makes it 6 pairs (team knit) in 3 months. i think that is pretty good number...  we are sending socks.. wanna know more - you know you do ... Socks for Soldiers Group info is  here .. 
i have been at sixes and sevens otherwise.. we won't get into it, not necessary. in the large scheme of things why would we?

we go this weekend to help with the anti-demolition... otherwise known as construction. it will be nice.

music? how about the man who can't be moved by "the script" - but youtube is on my last nerve so i might not be linking to them anymore if they keep this garbage up. 

our man flint has a new publicity shot up - and it is an omg waiting to happen. beware, it could make you go all fangirly (if you are a girl...)

looking for a quote or two but don't have one today.. i will look for one.. it's friday .. and it is a 13th kind of day.. and i don't rightly know...

let it go will ya?  heh heh heh

okay - off the top of my head...

... what are you best at? the real thing or faking it?..."

(you pushed me into it... so.. well there you go...)