Monday, May 19, 2014

Afraid for the loss of the blog

Since i don't seem to post any longer, i thought perhaps a two year plus absence might make for them cancelling this blog - thankfully no - not that it seems i will reinstate writing soon - but perhaps... perhaps..

someone said today "mention on your blog" and i thought - oh... i had one of those once..

Since all the time that's passed, our family has grown by one - a little lad with a long long name - and his great grandfather has declined and needed more and more attention, so i don't get here hardly at all - perhaps i will try to make it a weekly thing - i've gotten on a schedule with other parts of my life, perhaps this will be one too.

This page for posting has been streamlined - maybe it will be easier in future - i will try is all i can say.

in the meantime - i will mention the link on this blog - as i said i would.

and i will go about finding some pictures to post here - of things made, and given away, and made and given away. (sorry the first is skewed - can't figure out how to right it - it is right on my screen!)


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