Tuesday, November 27, 2007

... read me a story.....

... aaaah how long has it been since someone actually read you a story? well i am having stories read to me now, in the car, while i am working, while i sit and knit, aaaahhh...

so i am late to yet another party - audio books. i was actually brought round to them by the sound of someone's voice reading poetry. Moved from that to that same person reading excerpts from Ted Hughes' letters... and now onto audio books. it is an amazingly peaceful process. and it makes you listen to the characterizations and accents and thoughts as they pour out of a person's HEAD and not just their mouths -- because even when it isn't dialogue, it is. and your mind can process that as speech and not just as the written word. Lord knows i do enough with the written word - but this is just comforting....

Netherfield socks are moving along quickly - they are a quick knit in an easy pattern to remember from More Sensational Knitted socks by Charlene Schurch - will post a photo momentarily i hope.

i got yarn today on the way home from morrie to make handfast mittens for Kristin and Charlie. that will be a nice Christmas gift i hope. Oh yes and a hat for beth....

off to the races - watch for me at the finish line.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BBS are in the BAG!

after months of angst, the BBS socks are done - to my satisfaction!!! It is a good guess that they won't be winging their way to headquarters much before monday - but they are DONE and just need washing. i am so pleased to have them done right and done and done and done. Photo will follow when they are laundered and ready to go.

otherwise there is no knitting on my plate for the next couple of days... cooking maybe but not knitting - -nice job trying to cut the tip of my finger off this morning... does that mean the person who finds the band aid is "lord of misrule"?

back to prep - hope on hope ever

Monday, November 19, 2007


i cannot fit one more morsel in my refrigerator. not one.

here are the pics i promised
the LE SLOUCH hat (links in a post below somewhere) in Red and Black CashSilk for game days....

and, since i already have a pic of the house socks unfelted, no sense in that.

also, netherfield sock yarn from internet purchase for my Pride and Prejudice Socks - now these i have to get to work on NOW.

If I don't...

...get organized soon, we'll be eating tostino's frozen pizza rolls for thanksgivng.
i PROMISE to post photos on my return from la Groceria.
My BBS are a SQUEAK from being done - i am on the toe decreases.
My Le slouch hat in cash silk is done.
My house socks are done but not felted.
i have two new projects that HAVE TO BE DONE soon.

don't i sound like everyone else?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

...the days they pass so quickly now...

... the nights are seldom long (not...)

has it really been almost a week since posting? sorry about that. the week has literally flown by, as i am sure the end of the year ball is picking up speed. i have been knitting away on my SFS socks, but only the requisite per night, as the black is really hard to knit with in improper light, and i don't have access to OTT light right now. I've also finished another LeSlouch Hat in red and black Cashsilk for mid-winter game nights. i am not exactly a lovely headed hat person - a watchcap makes me look like an ax-murderer, so this type of slouchy hat is good for me - although it has already taken some family criticism.... will post a pic as soon as i take one...

i've not been much on Ravelry this week either - and i miss it. i have gotten very used to being able to look up a yarn's particulars easily or see what people did with a particular pattern. There is quite a bit of camaraderie there and i am in several groups - but not a very big participate-er yet.

will post a pic or two if i take them today.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

all this talk of holidays...

.... has given me the heebie jeebies... must be so because i am cleaning my house.. eeek.

Koolhaas is done! I made mine out of DaleGarn Sisik stash yarn - so destash it is as well! This was a deceivingly easy knit, once i enlarged the bloody pattern.

tonite will be a bbs night as there is hockey in the land. I am determined to finish these socks. After these socks i will make some other SFS things between now and Christmas - although i think my biggest problem with this last pair is that i did a k1p1 rib instead of k2p2. i know it is the same number of stitches, yeah yeah - but i think i have a better rhythm with the k2p2.

i also found, while setting my studio to rights, lamb's pride bulky and a pattern for slippers. i think i was going to make them for christmas gifts. They were a free pattern from a local shop, but you had to buy the yarn to get the pattern... and there is no picture... so now this is like a mystery pattern to me - truly they are like huge anklets that get felted. but i don't know if making the medium (which is what i started last night) will be big enough or not when felted... we shall see, shant we? they are a hugely quick knit, as i started this last night - so if they DO turn out well Lord knows who will receive slippers for Christmas....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jeez it's tuesday already..

... not a morrie day so that is okay - but i have been working on things.
Last night (and all hockey at home nights) i worked on my BBS - they are past the heels and into straight knitting heading to the toes - i should be done in a couple more homes (as in "AT HOME") games.

i have also been knitting koolhaas from interweave knits holiday edition. needs a bit more concentration than i can give in the car, etc, so this will be a morning or afternoon project. i am almost done with the repeats and ready to decrease.

someone on the Socks For Soldiers boards today posted a pattern for a simple twisted knit watch cap - so if you have someone you want PLAIN for - trot on over there to see if it fits the bill.

pix later if i finish the rest of my work.

Friday, November 02, 2007

this world was never meant...

... for one as beautiful as you...

the song "vincent" from don maclean

a terrific ebay find is my "vincent" sock yarn from Yarn Pirate- this will be for socks for ME - i swear it. i so so so swear it.

I have been ravelry surfing over the past few days. this site has inspired me to look at lots of things other people have done - and in doing so find lots of things i would like to do- in most cases out of books i already have. how crazy is that? now... with my ideas for stashbusting in place, ravelry could actually SAVE me money.

just today i found the cutest little hat out of a book called One Skein
the baby hat is made out of one skein of Classic Elite Lush - there is enough for two of them in the skein. However. LUSH is a worsted weight yarn - so whatever soft lovely yummy yarn i have that is between dk or worsted will work. and according to my new cheat sheet, 2 sports make a worsted. so 2 sock weights would make a dk..... and if there is one thing i have it's sock yarn.... TEAANDCAKES knit this version of it out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino