Tuesday, March 13, 2012

...doesn't live here anymore...

....those few gallant souls who used to follow me have probably long since given up the ghost on this oh, so quiet blog...sorry not to be very verbal these days... my days have become less in front of the screen, which i think is a contributing factor.... one of them anyway...

i do still knit. every day in fact. I work my 20 minutes on a sock for a soldier - am waiting for some 'legs' right now to start a new pair - and i knit for little people mostly. I knit a BROBEE hat for the most important little miss in my life. Brobee is a character from a Nick Jr. show called YO Gabba Gabba. My friend the florist saw the hat and said it looked like a Muppet trapped in Chernobyl... sorry if that is not politically correct - because it is visually so...i will search out a picture of the hat - with or without the wearer and post it (if i can remember how to post photos now...lol)

found a pic - posting now - and will post this blog as is to prove reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated


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